Friday, October 24, 2014

What does Friday mean to YOU?

Have you ever said to your family,  Hey its Friday! What are we doing tonight?

Some people make plans because they just cashed their weekly paycheck and have this need to spend it frivolously.  Others attempt to rush home but end up sitting anxiously in rush hour traffic just to get home to order out and sit in front of the tv and do nothing.

How about tonight, lets transform the familys monotony and declare Friday to be Family Friday! See it as a date night for the entire family.  Heck, if Friday doesn't work then choose another day but have that one day of the week that is a day just for the family. 
On this day, cell phones are put away, tv is off and your family simply chooses to do something unique on this day.  You can accomplish many things in just one hour with your family. Its not about the number of minutes that you are giving them but rather its about the quality of time that you are engaged during those minutes.   Here is the key, you must name this day after the familly.  ie. Smith Family Day.  This will create both a tradition in the family but it will also be a day in which everyone looks forward to. 

Dont just yea we should do that.  Set a date with the family and pick an activity in which everyone participates in putting it together.  Make it fun, be you and be proud of for the family you are blessed to have. 

Are you Getting Weller on this beautiful Friday? 

No matter what is happening or not happening in your life today you can hit the rewind button and change you attitude right now!  Give you family the Gift of you tonight!!!

Change Starts with you

Leisa Jenkins

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