Thursday, October 9, 2014

Are you living the Dream or setting Goals?

Tired of people telling you to set goals? To be honest, so am I!  I think if we place our attention on the dream, it sows the right seeds by naturally creating action steps to attaining it. 
Lets be real!  Take a step back and look at your life.  Happy?  Are you living the dream?  I think we must be honest with ourselves and realize what is robbing your clock.  Most of us at one time or another have had a bad relationship, poor diet, negative attitude and the most important one forgetting to keep God in your center. 

Think of food and people in your life the same way.  If you eat something, it should be a food that is going to build your body strong.  Just like people.  If you have someone or many people in your life that are emotionally draining, then they are tearing you down instead of building you up.
One of the hardest things in life is to simply say, No. 

How much time are you spending pleasing others and in turn, resenting that person when you are done doing what they asked of you?  If you spend time doing things that are not affiliated with your dream, then it will only exhaust you causing you to have a life of not enough.

Often times, we get caught up in comparing ourselves to someone else.  Especially when it comes to money.  We worry too much about what we cant do or what others think will keep us from being the incredible person that we are.
       Affirm yourself with and talk about the things to people that are part of your dream.  Two things will occur:

                        1. You will be instantly held accountable to your word

                        2. You will start to attract the right people to help you attain your dream

                    "If you are a mess on the outside, odds are you are a mess on the inside as well"
                     says Dr. Eddie Weller, CEO/Founder of Getting Weller & Upper Cervical

Being disorganized or having clutter in your home can and will drain your energy.  So CREATE the space you have always desired

       Clear - the clutter by first making a note of what you need to focus on when you first enter your home.  See what either frustrates you or what you avoid daily. 

       Restore - your home by giving everything a home.  By giving everything a storage place will plant the psychological seed that it is not that hard.

       Erase - the memory of what you dont want and make a short daily to-do list, 1-3 things and get it done.  It is very much attainable in a short time frame.

       Action is the key to getting your home under control.  Simply set a timer for 20 minutes and go, go, go! Divide a big pile of stuff into smaller containers. A few small sorts are easier than one big one.

       Treat - your home like a hotel.  Being that everything in your home has a purpose and is intentional.  If it is not relevant in your life, then give it away. 

       Entertaining - guests frequently is another great way to keep your house organized and clutter free.  Doing this will make you proud of your home and what you have accomplished to make it a place to where people that you care about can enjoy themselves.

                                 “A Dream without action is just a wish.  - Dr. Weller

The bottom line:  You can do this!  Close your eyes and believe it, see it and soon you will be living your dream. 

Leisa Jenkins
Getting Weller Personal Coach | Speaker  
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