Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Everyone wants life to be greater but something always stops us.    We get stuck with a belief that says we are not supposed to do this or we are not capable.   We get stuck in an emotional pattern of anger, stress, worry & even loneliness.  We get stuck in HABBITS of doing things a certain way. 
When is enough enough? 
 When will you take power over your life and stand on your own two feet?
 YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR LIFE AS IT IS.   A breakthrough comes in your life in many different ways.  A book, a thought, inspiration, and music basically something that moves you emotionally in that very moment.  Changing your life is a choice.  You have to create the life you deserve and everyone reading this message today has experienced some kind of stress or other emotional event. At some point we all get knocked down. 
You have to be ready to change your life and deal with things head-on regardless of what happens.  Going through the storm is painful but understand you can't go around it.  The stress or other emotions in your life are affecting your entire life.  Throwing you off Balance. 
We can’t control the events or things that have happened to us but we can control our decisions.    IF you want a NEW life CHANGE it.  The beauty of life is that we are in control of our choices.  You must trust yourself and deal with your choice as it unfolds.  You can make another choice at any given direction.  The KEY is JUST JUMP.  DO SOMETHING.  FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.   Deciding to go back to comfort or staying there because it is to hard hinders your life forever.  
  What you FOCUS on it what you get.  If you focus on how you screwed up I promise you will always screw up.  You focus on people not caring, you will get people in your life who don’t care.  If you focus on your poor health, poor health is what you will always have.  Let’s choose the meaning of your life right now.   Are you Ready to write your new story with your pen or create a new dash?   It is possible because YOU ARE POSSIBLE! 
Come to Atlas institute of health Monday night at 7pm.  You will meet Dr. Eddie Weller and myself.  If you are ready to get started RIGHT NOW, message me. 
         Don’t be overwhelmed and quit.  Your life is determined by what you do today.