Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Everyone wants life to be greater but something always stops us.    We get stuck with a belief that says we are not supposed to do this or we are not capable.   We get stuck in an emotional pattern of anger, stress, worry & even loneliness.  We get stuck in HABBITS of doing things a certain way. 
When is enough enough? 
 When will you take power over your life and stand on your own two feet?
 YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR LIFE AS IT IS.   A breakthrough comes in your life in many different ways.  A book, a thought, inspiration, and music basically something that moves you emotionally in that very moment.  Changing your life is a choice.  You have to create the life you deserve and everyone reading this message today has experienced some kind of stress or other emotional event. At some point we all get knocked down. 
You have to be ready to change your life and deal with things head-on regardless of what happens.  Going through the storm is painful but understand you can't go around it.  The stress or other emotions in your life are affecting your entire life.  Throwing you off Balance. 
We can’t control the events or things that have happened to us but we can control our decisions.    IF you want a NEW life CHANGE it.  The beauty of life is that we are in control of our choices.  You must trust yourself and deal with your choice as it unfolds.  You can make another choice at any given direction.  The KEY is JUST JUMP.  DO SOMETHING.  FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.   Deciding to go back to comfort or staying there because it is to hard hinders your life forever.  
  What you FOCUS on it what you get.  If you focus on how you screwed up I promise you will always screw up.  You focus on people not caring, you will get people in your life who don’t care.  If you focus on your poor health, poor health is what you will always have.  Let’s choose the meaning of your life right now.   Are you Ready to write your new story with your pen or create a new dash?   It is possible because YOU ARE POSSIBLE! 
Come to Atlas institute of health Monday night at 7pm.  You will meet Dr. Eddie Weller and myself.  If you are ready to get started RIGHT NOW, message me. 
         Don’t be overwhelmed and quit.  Your life is determined by what you do today. 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

12 steps for overcoming WORRY & MOVING ON

Life comes at us so fast that we fall into this whirlpool of emotions and feel trapped.   We get STUCK in the quick sand of life and don’t know how to move on or change.  

Do you feel like you start pulling yourself out of the quick sand and get sucked back in?   No matter how hard you try, you just can’t beat it or overcome life’s challenges or adversity.  

Maybe you forget about what’s important and how to make it better. Sometimes it is so easy to go back to comfort and give up on what you know God is calling you to do.  The biggest question is WHY?   Worry has replaced all your positive emotions.  60% of people won't go through the storm because the pain is to great.  Without even noticing it, WORRY is driving your life.   God is our center and the one that will get us through everything, yet we forget. We don't know how to include him  or understand what he wants.  God never promised we would not have storms he just promises he would always be with us.  Worry has replaced God and now worry has more power in your life than God.  This blog is one that will give you insight, tips and ideas to move on and out of the worry pool of life.     

Do you have Thoughts Of?
·         WHAT IF’s running through your head.
·         Maybe it would have been different if I would have
·         Maybe I should have said something different
·         I am tired of not having money or paying bills on time
·         I am sure I made the wrong decision
·         I screwed up
·         Today will be the day
·         I am giving up

Worry is a thought.  It is important to understand that you are more than your feelings.   If you are a chronic worrier chances are so were your parents.  It could also stem from feeling of abandonment, abuse, or a traumatic event.   Worry is the way you have trained your brain.  It has become the natural pattern to your emotions.   The best part is since it is a feeling and thought you can overcome it.  Today you will get 12 ways to overcome worry and retrain your brain.

First let’s dig deep into to what you are worrying about

Studies have shown: 
·         40% never happens – so in essence we are wasting our time by worrying.
·         30% of what we worry about has already happened. Learn to “let go” and forgive yourself and others. You cannot change the past – no one can. Accept it for what it is and go on.
·         12% are needless worries, such as what someone else thinks about us.
·         10% are petty and unimportant such as we worry about what’s for dinner, we worry about being late, we worry about what to wear.
·         8% of what we worry about actually happens. Of this percentage…
·         4% of our worries that happen are beyond our control. We cannot change the outcome. These worries may include our health, the death of a loved one or an impending natural disaster. Often times the reality of these events are more bearable than the worry.
·         4% of what we worry about we have some if not all control over the results. Basically I think this is the consequences of our actions or inaction on the problems and challenges we face.

Worry effects every department of your life.
Envision that you are a tree and every branch is being attacked by circumstances, situations, and life in general.   Worry is stealing all the nutrients from your tree and every bit of energy you have.  If you do not change it now.  Your tree will die.  You will soon be 80 years old with hundreds of regrets.    You can't control your house, job, kids, relationship and on and on.  

 How can you stop your worries?
The truth is you will never stop your worries 100% but you can control your attitude at every level to overcome your worries.
We train ourselves fix what is wrong.
 Worry never fixes anything.” – Mary Hemingway

IF you can put 100% into to knowing that you have done all that you can to alleviate your worries than it is time to stop letting the Worry tree consume your life.   The following solutions will help your tree come to life.  You do not have to resonate with all of them.  Pick the ones that will work for you.   Whichever step you decide to start with remember these 3 tips:  

  • ·         Control your attitude and win everyday
  • ·         Take action steps to accomplish what you need to
  • ·         Be dedicated to your decisions

Then you can

1. Prepare the outcome – Pray for the best.     No matter what you decide there will be an outcome to your decision or circumstance.  Prepare without over thinking it.  I do not believe that you should prepare for the worst.  What seems bad in the moment always has lesson attached to it.  It will give you ammunition to grow and learn from it.  What seems bad in the moment is Gold in the future.  Have you ever felt like a circumstances was the worst that could ever happen and in a few weeks you take a deep breath and think "wow where would I be had that not happened"?  Pray your way through it.   God has given you the power you need inside of you.   Pray for him to show it to you. This is just a season on your journey.    

2. Focus- Get your actions step list in full swing.  Once the feeling of worry arrives go to your to do list.  When you feel like you are accomplishing something a new feeling of success comes.  You have turned your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.   If you don’t have a list then write one by the departments of your life.  Take the action steps required to accomplish what is on your list.

3. Distract Yourself.  Just like when you were three.  The best way to stop a tantrum is to quickly distract the child.  Get their attention on something else.  Do the same for yourself.  Call your coach, friend or mentor.   You can watch your favorite movie, watch motivation videos from top speakers online.   Read a book or take the kids out for Fun. There’s dozens of things you can do pick one and distract yourself.

4. Get Support or the all famous VENT- It is ok to vent if you are not pulling someone else in to your craziness.   If you are talking to a friend who is having the same issues chances are you are not going to accomplish much.  Seek support.  Hire a life coach, talk to a pastor or a trusted friend, that is helpful not hurtful.  Sometimes just talking it out will heal your worries.  We hold it in and suppress the feelings and this causes a buildup of emotions.

5. Make a calculated choice or Decision.  Don’t make decisions based on your emotions.  Wait it out a few hours.   If this worry has been unresolved for some time it is time to make the decision and take action steps to resolve it but hold off on making an emotional decision.    Once you make a solid decision you can take necessary steps to improve your situation or circumstance...

6. Hit the Problem Head On.  Most of the time it is not the problem itself that is causing your worry. It’s usually the anticipation of the problem.  Not only are you worried but now you are afraid of disappointing others or making a wrong choice.  If you are aware of the problem and hit it head on even though it will not feel great in the moment it will feel great when it’s done. 

7. Breath- When you feel your body going into the state of worry it is time to breath.  Lay flat on your back, clear your mind and take deep deep breathes.  Blow them in and out.  Pray and talk to God.   This will clear the tension in your body.  When you get up you must say the words REWIND and then go.  Embrace the new start and try hard to not let your mind go back into the state of worry.    

8. Fun- Fun brings feelings of happiness.  Laughter can cure anything that is in the moment.  Laughter & smiles will lift you up and return your mind and emotions back to a healthy state.  Fun must be part of everyone’s life.  Turn the music on a get moving.   Don’t just turn it on feel it.  Get your hips moving and breath.  Do something out of your comfort zone.  Remember a time that gave you the feeling of happiness and laughter. 

9. Write it down- Writing it down will get your hamster off the wheel.  If you keep it in your mind you will think about the same thing over and over.  Get it out of your mind and on paper.  It will relieve it.  We are so worried that we will forget what we want to say that keep thinking the same thing over and over...  Focus on getting it out then you can focus on improving the situation and move on.

10. Take Care of You. You get stuck on thinking that taking care of you is selfish and it is not.  You must take care of YOU.  If you do not you are no good to anyone else.  You need REST, exercise and eat a healthy diet.  When your mind is at its strongest it is so easier to put things in perspective. It’s easier to deal with the unexpected.

11. Be Grateful. You have a lot to be thankful for. It may not seem like it all the time.  IF you can focus on what is positive in your life rather than negative you will thrive.  Although its seems like there is so much going on in the world but there always has been.  It is just life.  We live in a beautiful world and your life can be beautiful.  Be Thankful for your health, your family, your mind, your house, your job, and all the little things we have.  Remember who you are and who gave your life.  He can help you conquer anything.

12. Fuel Your Body.  Remember thoughts are trained.  Fuel your body with good things.  Stay away from the negative things happening in everyday life.  If you are already a worrier than you must stay away from negative things, people and situations.  Turn the news off and un friend a few people on Facebook.  Being aware is where starts and taking action steps to change it is a necessity.  Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.  Hang positive thoughts through out your home or on your desk.  Surround yourself with happiness.

Accountability Coach, Leisa Jenkins 

Check out this list of top 30 worries. (From psychcentral.com)  What worries do you have?   
1. Stomach/ being overweight
2. Getting old
3. Lack of savings/ financial future
4. Overall fitness
5. Overdrafts and loans
6. Low energy levels
7. Credit card debt
8. Paying rent/mortgage
9. Job security
10. Diet
11. Keeping the house clean
12. Finding a new job
13. Sex life
14. Generally unhappy
15. Wrinkles or ageing appearance
16. Whether or not I am attractive
17. Physique
18. Meeting work targets or goals
19. Does my partner still loves me
20? Whether I'll find or / are am with the right partner
21. Whether I'm in the right career
22. Friend or family issues
23. Parenting skills
24. Unhealthy reliance or addiction
25. Driving
26. Pet's health
27. Child's health
28. Dress sense
29. Worrying I'm ill but yet to be tested/ seek help
30. Partner is cheating/may cheat
Top ten symptoms of worry
1. Sleepless nights
2. Lost confidence
3. Arguments with partner
4. Reduced appetite
5. Poor performance at work
6. Distance from partner
7. Avoided a social event
8. Increased alcohol consumption
9. Got a bit paranoid
10. Nausea

Friday, October 24, 2014

What does Friday mean to YOU?

Have you ever said to your family,  Hey its Friday! What are we doing tonight?

Some people make plans because they just cashed their weekly paycheck and have this need to spend it frivolously.  Others attempt to rush home but end up sitting anxiously in rush hour traffic just to get home to order out and sit in front of the tv and do nothing.

How about tonight, lets transform the familys monotony and declare Friday to be Family Friday! See it as a date night for the entire family.  Heck, if Friday doesn't work then choose another day but have that one day of the week that is a day just for the family. 
On this day, cell phones are put away, tv is off and your family simply chooses to do something unique on this day.  You can accomplish many things in just one hour with your family. Its not about the number of minutes that you are giving them but rather its about the quality of time that you are engaged during those minutes.   Here is the key, you must name this day after the familly.  ie. Smith Family Day.  This will create both a tradition in the family but it will also be a day in which everyone looks forward to. 

Dont just yea we should do that.  Set a date with the family and pick an activity in which everyone participates in putting it together.  Make it fun, be you and be proud of for the family you are blessed to have. 

Are you Getting Weller on this beautiful Friday? 

No matter what is happening or not happening in your life today you can hit the rewind button and change you attitude right now!  Give you family the Gift of you tonight!!!

Change Starts with you

Leisa Jenkins

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Are you living the Dream or setting Goals?

Tired of people telling you to set goals? To be honest, so am I!  I think if we place our attention on the dream, it sows the right seeds by naturally creating action steps to attaining it. 
Lets be real!  Take a step back and look at your life.  Happy?  Are you living the dream?  I think we must be honest with ourselves and realize what is robbing your clock.  Most of us at one time or another have had a bad relationship, poor diet, negative attitude and the most important one forgetting to keep God in your center. 

Think of food and people in your life the same way.  If you eat something, it should be a food that is going to build your body strong.  Just like people.  If you have someone or many people in your life that are emotionally draining, then they are tearing you down instead of building you up.
One of the hardest things in life is to simply say, No. 

How much time are you spending pleasing others and in turn, resenting that person when you are done doing what they asked of you?  If you spend time doing things that are not affiliated with your dream, then it will only exhaust you causing you to have a life of not enough.

Often times, we get caught up in comparing ourselves to someone else.  Especially when it comes to money.  We worry too much about what we cant do or what others think will keep us from being the incredible person that we are.
       Affirm yourself with and talk about the things to people that are part of your dream.  Two things will occur:

                        1. You will be instantly held accountable to your word

                        2. You will start to attract the right people to help you attain your dream

                    "If you are a mess on the outside, odds are you are a mess on the inside as well"
                     says Dr. Eddie Weller, CEO/Founder of Getting Weller & Upper Cervical

Being disorganized or having clutter in your home can and will drain your energy.  So CREATE the space you have always desired

       Clear - the clutter by first making a note of what you need to focus on when you first enter your home.  See what either frustrates you or what you avoid daily. 

       Restore - your home by giving everything a home.  By giving everything a storage place will plant the psychological seed that it is not that hard.

       Erase - the memory of what you dont want and make a short daily to-do list, 1-3 things and get it done.  It is very much attainable in a short time frame.

       Action is the key to getting your home under control.  Simply set a timer for 20 minutes and go, go, go! Divide a big pile of stuff into smaller containers. A few small sorts are easier than one big one.

       Treat - your home like a hotel.  Being that everything in your home has a purpose and is intentional.  If it is not relevant in your life, then give it away. 

       Entertaining - guests frequently is another great way to keep your house organized and clutter free.  Doing this will make you proud of your home and what you have accomplished to make it a place to where people that you care about can enjoy themselves.

                                 “A Dream without action is just a wish.  - Dr. Weller

The bottom line:  You can do this!  Close your eyes and believe it, see it and soon you will be living your dream. 

Leisa Jenkins
Getting Weller Personal Coach | Speaker  
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“Keep On Keeping On!” 

We are living life as if we are human-doings rather than being a human-being.  I dont know about you but wow do I feel like giving up.

Well, that is how I used to feel.  Today, I fight daily to stay strong to maintain my mental toughness and to just keep moving forward in life.  But lets be honest, we are not hear to read about a pity party, I would rather share some of my little secrets of how I play my lifes game.

       I fit my husband in to my schedule. Yes, I have to be the crazy person and get up a little early, but he is my strength. I have to get time in with him, because together we are strong.

       I have a short list of No matter whats.” These are things that must get done daily
       I read great books.  I love motivational books that keep me on my path.
       I reach out to many advocates in my life and stay away from adversaries.
       I get my workout in even when I dont want to.
       I work first on the thing I want to do the least. I save the excitement for last.
       I continually work saying No.
       I never let go of my dreams.  If I do, I will remain a human-doing for the rest of my life.

The point of this blog is not to compare yourself to me or any of the others moms or dads in society.  It is about you and what you can do to add to your life.  What you can do to " Keep on Keeping on".  LET GO of what you have not done and FOCUS and what you have done.  Look forward to what is coming if you add just a little pep in your step daily! 
John Wooden said it best: Make everyday a masterpiece.
Moving forward in life comes from always being on purpose.  Stay on course and never let go of your why in life!
Leisa Jenkins
Getting Weller Personal Coach | Speaker  

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