Wednesday, October 8, 2014

“Keep On Keeping On!” 

We are living life as if we are human-doings rather than being a human-being.  I dont know about you but wow do I feel like giving up.

Well, that is how I used to feel.  Today, I fight daily to stay strong to maintain my mental toughness and to just keep moving forward in life.  But lets be honest, we are not hear to read about a pity party, I would rather share some of my little secrets of how I play my lifes game.

       I fit my husband in to my schedule. Yes, I have to be the crazy person and get up a little early, but he is my strength. I have to get time in with him, because together we are strong.

       I have a short list of No matter whats.” These are things that must get done daily
       I read great books.  I love motivational books that keep me on my path.
       I reach out to many advocates in my life and stay away from adversaries.
       I get my workout in even when I dont want to.
       I work first on the thing I want to do the least. I save the excitement for last.
       I continually work saying No.
       I never let go of my dreams.  If I do, I will remain a human-doing for the rest of my life.

The point of this blog is not to compare yourself to me or any of the others moms or dads in society.  It is about you and what you can do to add to your life.  What you can do to " Keep on Keeping on".  LET GO of what you have not done and FOCUS and what you have done.  Look forward to what is coming if you add just a little pep in your step daily! 
John Wooden said it best: Make everyday a masterpiece.
Moving forward in life comes from always being on purpose.  Stay on course and never let go of your why in life!
Leisa Jenkins
Getting Weller Personal Coach | Speaker  

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